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They requested each pharmacy whether or not they had LNG-EC available, whether or not this was on the shelf or needed to be requested in the pharmacy, whether a normal version was available, just how much the merchandise cost, and whether any extra documentation -- for example evidence of age or perhaps a prescription -- was needed to buy the drug. The authors defined EC to be "completely accessible" in a pharmacy when the responding worker reported getting it on store shelves on that day for sale without presenting an ID or prescription. Ease of access is essential because EC should be taken within 120 hrs of sexual intercourse, and studies suggest it is ideal inside the first 24 hrs.

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Chau and her colleagues discovered that 87 percent of pharmacies reported getting LNG-EC available, however it was just completely accessible at 23 percent from the stores surveyed. From the stores using the drug available, 42 percent reported it had been behind the counter -- i.e., needed to be requested from the pharmacy worker -- and 56 percent told callers an ID or prescription was needed for sale. Independent pharmacies were considerably less inclined to have EC available (58 percent of independent stores versus. 90 % of retailers and 100 % of 24-hour stores) or demonstrate complete access (10 % versus. 25 % and 15 %), the authors report. Requiring EC purchasers to request the drug from the pharmacy worker and offer additional documentation are potentially substantial barriers, the authors note, because individuals might find it embarrassing to have interaction by having an worker about reproductive healthcare and could don't have the requested documents. Adolescents might not have identification or might not satisfy the age limit pharmacy employees believe to stay in place.
When thinking about why pharmacy employees report outdated policies for documentation and behind-the-counter access, the authors explain the age cutoff for LNG-EC products altered four occasions prior to being lifted completely, and suggest "delays in updating store policies or lag in information distribution may explain the variability in understanding among pharmacy staff about Food and drug administration rules and needs."